Wayne Quantz Scholarship Fund

wayne quantz

The Houston Chapter of ASM International needs your financial support for the scholarship fund honoring Wayne Quantz who passed away suddenly during the summer of 2008. Beyond his recognized professional abilities, Wayne was also well-known both a friend and colleague to many of us in the greater Houston area.

Wayne’s exemplary willingness to volunteer so much of his personal time helping others in need of his expertise or guidance, especially students and teachers, is the memory the Chapter seeks to preserve with this scholarship fund supporting students pursuing engineering and science degrees.

The ASM Houston Chapter appointed the initial three trustees to manage the scholarship fund.  These trustees are Robert Badrak, Marco Deuterio and David Fitzgerald.  The trustees will manage the funds according to a conservative directive intended to require the preservation of capital. The fund will incur no administrative costs. Managerial, administrative, and tax report services will be donated by volunteers. The trustees will solicit applicants for the scholarship and collaborate with the Houston Chapter executive committee to select recipients.

The trust will publish a report to the Houston Chapter of ASM on an annual basis including a list of donors, unless you tell us you prefer information about your donation be held in confidence. You will receive in any case an acknowledgement letter from the Houston Chapter confirming your tax-deductible contribution.

Please join us in turning the memory of Wayne into the unselfish action he was admired for. Please give generously to establish the Wayne Quantz Scholarship Fund.  The full amount of your contribution will be used to help a young person get an education in engineering or science.

Envision a scholarship recipient asking the question, Who was Wayne Quantz? The short answer would beWayne Quantz was a person you may yourself want to be like; he would have cared about you because of what you seek to do and if Wayne were here today, he would help you do it.  With this scholarship he is here helping you”.

In May 2012, we funded $1000 for the 1st recipient of the Wayne Quantz Memorial Fund.

Download: the Wayne Quantz Scholarship Fund

Contributions can also be mailed to:

ASM Houston Chapter
PO box 1791
Friendswood Texas 77549


Brush Wellman $500.00
ARC Specialties, Inc. $1,000.00
Bill and Diane Nielsen $100.00
W H Laboratories LTD $500.00
Robert F Kane $350.00
Dyna-Drill Technologies, Inc. $250.00
Durmat, Inc. $500.00
Advanced High Technology Metals, Inc. $500.00
Katherine J. Sciumeca $25.00
Michael Andrus $25.00
Lin Xu & Fang Li $100.00
Anderson and Associates, Inc. $500.00
Paul Kovach $100.00
Danny McWilliams $100.00
EPI MTG $500.00
ASHMIN $250.00
Reliable Corrosion Solutions (Tony Nicholas) $500.00
BEM Services $500.00
Bob Badrak $200.00
DiaPac – Mike Nixon $100.00
Don Diamond $100.00
KLAD Manufacturing – Bhaven Chakravarti $25.00
Julio Maldonado $100.00
John Starkweather $150.00
Rebecca Quantz $1,000.00
Dorthy Bing (In Memory of Chester Quantz (Wayne’s Dad)) $50.00
Dorthy Bing $100.00
Dennis Kopecki $1.00
Anonymous $500.00
BUnlimited $25.00
Troy Powell $100.00
Jean Marc Tetevuide $100.00
WLS Technical Services, Inc. (William L. Shepherd) $250.00
WLS Drilling Products, Inc. (William L. Shepherd) $250.00
US Bolt -Lester Burgess $250.00
ASM Houston Chapter Donation $10,000.00
ASM Matching Funds $9,351.00