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January 15, 2018

Chief Metallurgical Engineer

Partek Laboratories

This position has responsibility for providing daily expert technical oversight and project management for the optimization of all mechanical engineering tests, material-selection recommendations, thermal treatment processes, and standard weld procedure specifications. Works to ensure metallurgical integrity of all engineering work and provides customer technical expertise and assistance in the resolution of problems associated with the manufacture of existing and new product and equipment.


● Develop metallurgical testing standards, technical instructions, and procedures in order to ensure that all metallurgical activities are in
alignment with industry standards and customer requirements.

● Provide technical specifications for thermal treatment and material selection including setting of general policy, determining of
proper procedures/work instructions, and training of associates and client representatives as needed.

● Provide guidance, recommendations and test specifications to staff related to mechanical and metallurgical analysis work and
establish appropriate support to optimize laboratory and testing processes.

● Work with clients to help resolve issues, which inhibit product flow as well as trouble shooting metallurgical challenges that affect
production operations.

● Manage and interpret customer product metallurgical characteristics, and use sound engineering judgement to make decisions on
non-conformances and recommend corrective actions and deviation needs because of a non-conforming product not meeting either
customer or industry standards.

● Provide all metallurgical training needed for associates to understand and perform their job functions.

● Investigate new material testing, failure analysis and heat treat technology and equipment. This includes supporting the development
of financial justification and development of technical specifications for customer projects.

● Utilize own knowledge base to identify, develop, and carry out project ideas for overall improvement of quality, performance, and/or
cost structure.

● Act as trusted customer advisor and liaison with metallurgical resources and serve as an interface with customers at a technical level.

● Perform damage analysis & prepare reports with recommendations, solutions, and corrective actions.

● Schedule all product fatigue/wear-life testing as well as schedule metallurgical and/or mechanical failure testing with outside labs.

● Develop standard engineering welding procedures for SMAW, GTAW (TIG), GMAW (MIG), and FCAW welding processes consistent
with proven engineering practices (AWS) and approve all changes/deviations..

● Design procedures and conduct various material identification operations including but not limited to Positive Material Identification
(PMI), Grade Identification, Field Metallographic Replication, Microhardness (Vickers & Knoop) testing, Macrohardness (Rockwell &
Brinell) testing, and Metallographic Examination.

● Utilize photographic archival equipment conduct failure analysis utilizing advanced testing tools and procedures to perform tests and
analysis including fractography, X-Ray Mapping & Profiling, Chemical Analysis, Color Metallography, Macro & Micro Photography,
Corrosion Testing, and Diffusible Hydrogen Tests.

● Design testing procedures and supervise various mechanical testing operations including but not limited to compression, bond, charpy
impact, drop weight, hardness, tensile (yield, ultimate tensile and elongation).

● Develop and maintain a quality assurance program meets the requirements of the API Q2, ISO, ASTM, AWS, DNV, ASNT, as well as
military, federal specifications and others.



Applicant must have a strong background in materials and metallurgical engineering and have been involved in the development, testing, and preparation of welding procedures for Code work. The applicant has to have a very good understanding of failure analysis techniques, thermal treatments, and metallurgical analysis. In addition, the applicant must have a good understanding of general manufacturing and processing.


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EMAIL: Nicole Emerson
Subject Line:​  Partek Job Application

Partek Laboratories