September 11, 2018

Material Property Verification Using ROMAT PGS

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Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Recent regulations require pipeline operators to determine the grade for every joint of pipe in their system. This presents a challenge for older grandfathered pipelines where records may be limited or non-existent. In response to this challenge, ROSEN has developed the first inline-inspection service capable of continuously identifying and differentiating pipe steel grades. The method helps operators complete pipeline data records and become compliant with new regulations. In addition to pipe grade determination, the technology is also capable of identifying hard spots and categorizing long seams. This presentation describes the challenge faced by operators and the technical solution developed by ROSEN.

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Bio: Rhett Dotson has worked for 13 years as a consultant in the oil and gas industry. Rhett has developed technical expertise in analysis and testing for structural components and pipeline systems. His work with offshore systems has included strength and fatigue analysis performed on topsides and subsea components. His work with pipelines systems has included assessment and engineering support for anomalies such as dents and wrinklebends in vintage pipeline systems as well as accident investigations due to third party damage in both onshore and offshore pipeline systems. Rhett has also served as an expert witness for a pipeline operator involving settlement related issues.

Rhett has performed extensive structural analyses using the finite element software ABAQUS on a variety of components. Rhett was also responsible for the development of the proprietary Finite Element Dent Assessment Tool (FE-DAT) utilized by ROSEN to rapidly assess pipeline dents. Recent structural work has included the analysis and remediation of damaged natural gas pipelines and the determination of in-place pipeline strains based on survey data and finite element calculations.

Rhett is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is a registered professional engineer in Texas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma

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