March 4, 2014

Spouses and Past Chairs Night

Social hour: 5:30 to 6:15 pm
Non-technical talk begins at 7:30, Scott MacKenzie will speak

Fungs Kitchen
7320 Southwest Fwy #115, Houston, Tx. 77074
Tel: (713) 779-2288
Plenty of parking at Restaurant

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China – Travelogue of the Historical Capitals of China

china5614China is a country of great contrasts. There are the very modern cities of Shanghai and Beijing, with bullet trains and skyscrapers. At the same time, these cities have been built around many very ancient religious and archaeologically significant sites. In this presentation, a travelogue of my travels to many of the ancient Chinese capitals will be provided, with historical insights. The ancient capital cities of Beijing (current capital of the PRC); Chengdu; Chongqing; Luoyang; Xi`an and Shangdu (Xanadu) will be described from a historical and tourist perspective.

About the Presenter:

D. Scott MacKenzie, PhD, FASM is with Houghton International, based in Valley Forge PA, as Research Scientist – Metallurgy. He is responsible for global heat treating activities and travels the U.S. and world providing technical assistance to customers and presentations at international conferences on heat treating. Recent travels last year included India, China, Germany, Croatia, Spain, and Iceland.

He obtained his B.S. Metallurgical Engineering from The Ohio State University in 1981; M.S. Metallurgical Engineering in 1991, and PhD Metallurgical Engineering in 2000 from the University of Missouri – Rolla (now Missouri University of Science and Technology).

He is a instructor for ASM HTS and avid bridge player.