May 13, 2014

Student and Awards Night

May 13, 2014
Social Hour 5:30 – 6:30
Dinner 6:30
Dr. Kline’s presentation will follow dinner.

Please join us for this evening where we recognize the accomplishments of our members and the rising generation of engineers and scientists, including college students who have won scholarships and high school students who have won awards at the Houston Science Fair. We also invite students who are considering a technical career to hear about the wide range of opportunities available to those who study engineering.

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Fame, Fortune, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
ASM Houston Awards Night 2014

Science awards are presented to students for a reason. The world is full of smart people, but the ability to translate talent into accomplishment is rare and highly sought after. The alchemists of the 18th century were on to something. Plastic trophies and brass medals placed in the drawer today will become gold tomorrow.

Houston’s Pumps & Pipes initiative brings together the world’s most accomplished innovators who have made Houston the world leader in energy, medicine and space flight. They come from many different backgrounds but all have career trajectories governed by what science award winners have figured out – everything can be related, and leveraged to fame and fortune, with the appropriate dimensionless number. This presentation makes that case in terms of the fundamental expression of cosmic truth, the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It will be appreciated by those who understand that work is always required and that the path taken matters.

Speaker: William E. (Bill) Kline

Bill Kline manages the Drilling and Subsurface Function of ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan. An ExxonMobil employee since 1980, Bill has held a variety of research positions, as well as assignments in Drilling Operations and Drilling Technology Applications. Bill is a co-founder of Pumps & Pipes, a symposium series that brings together Houston’s diverse technical community to explore common interests and opportunities for collaboration. Bill and his wife Karen are the proud parents of five children, whose career directions include teaching, art, music, and ministry, all enabled by Bill’s association with the arts of well construction.

Mark your calendars now for this evening honoring all of our award winners, both professionals and students.