April 7, 2015

Date: Tuesday, April 7th

5:30 – Social Hour
6:30 – Dinner
7:30 – Presentation
Cost: $40/member; $50/non-member; $20/retiree

Speakers: Dr. Angelique N. Lasseigne and Dr. Joshua E. Jackson of G2MT

Location: HESS Club (Galleria)
5430 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (713) 627-2283Register for Meeting

Topic: The Next Generation of Non-destructive Evaluation and Inspection

The concept of modern industrial non-destructive evaluation has not changed for almost a century: the sensors have focused on finding/sizing cracks and defects, and/or measuring corrosion damage through changes in thickness or pit formation. Over time the sensors have been advanced to be more accurate and are capable of finding smaller cracks, defects, and pits than ever before, but failures still occur. So what if we could actually prevent failures by using a proactive assessment and maintenance system? The next generation of non-destructive tools will enable companies to be proactive by providing real-time material properties (residual stresses, strength, toughness) assessment as materials age and degrade. The key is to find the potential problems before they turn into cracks or defects and if there is a crack or defect to know whether or not the crack/defect will affect the integrity of the component during service. Material property non-destructive measurements hold great promise for improving industrial operations and safety. In this presentation, G2MT will present several innovations in non-destructive material property sensors and will describe how these sensors are poised to impact and change our understanding and application of non-destructive inspection of metals.