Our Organization

Houston Chapter Mission Statement

ASM International is the preeminent association for engaging and connecting materials professionals and their organizations to the resources necessary to solve problems, improve outcomes, and advance society.

As the world’s largest and most established materials information society, ASM engages and connects you to a global network of peers and provides access to trusted materials information through reference content and data, education courses, international events, and research.

In service to our members, we strive to:

  1. Give our members and the local community high quality and high value educational opportunities that are not available at remotely comparable cost.
  2. Provide for technical meetings where useful information is presented.
  3. Make the Society meetings enjoyable and foster professional growth and friendships.
  4. Recognize those individuals and companies for providing services which are in tune with our Society goals.
  5. Promote materials awareness to industry and as a career option to students.
  6. Aid students in materials and related fields through scholarships and technical assistance.
  7. Ensure that we are providing the services required by our membership and local industry.

ASM Houston By-Laws